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Spit of A Common Man (2018)

Spit Of A Common Man Poster.jpg

          Director: Tim Faraday

          Screenwriter: Martyn Rowland

          Following a trench explosion, a mortally wounded young Private talks about the futility of war with his veteran Sergeant, who            assures him that he will not die in vain.


ian pirie.jpg
danny stokes.jpg

IAN PIRIE                         Kincade

DANNY STOKES              Hawkin

Lift-Off Sessions 2020 - laurel (white).



Life's A Gas (2019)

Life A Gas.jpg
ian pirie.jpg

Director: Tim Faraday

Screenwriter: Martyn Rowland

Set on calling it a day with life, a depressed middle aged man finds that he just cannot get a moments peace. Maybe today is not a good day to die after all.



                             IAN PIRIE                                                 Angus

                              VICTORIA DONOVAN                            Claire



                               HERBIE KINSEY                                      Dog Walker

                               ROCKY PIRIE                                         Dog



in development

The Healing game


A Comedy-Drama Series

A team of paramedic misfits in a malfunctioning time travelling ambulance inadvertently re-write history

Lift-Off Sessions 2020 - laurel (white).
ECFF 2020.jpg
Honorable Mention - Screen Power Film Fe


Come The Dawn   (2020)

come the dawn.jpg

"... very well directed, visually resonating with - but not in the least aping - 'Barry Lyndon' & 'Witchfinder General'... which is quite an alchemical feat ..."

- Jon East

(BAFTA and Royal Television Society award-winning DGA director)

"... beautifully shot, the scenery and atmos is just to die for. I loved the beauty of the countryside militating against the danger and ugly side of life and living. I was left mesmerised by the film and frightened by it too. Glorious ..."
- Russell Grant
(Astrologer, Actor, Media Personality, Performer)

  Director : Tim Faraday

  Screenwriter : Martyn Rowland

  Producer : Martyn Rowland & Lorna J. Child

  Burdened by loss, Isaac's journey to the nevergreen takes an eerie turn to the bitter truth





                                              TIM FARADAY                          Isaac




                                        RUSSELL BILES                   Priest

                                         DOUG CHILD                        Guard

                                         NINA WELLS                        Feral Woman

tim faraday.jpg
Russell Biles.jpg
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